Film Synopsis

Blood Guardian weaves a stirring tale of a twelve-year old boy (Jack Nolan) who witnesses his father’s (Mike Watkiss) murder – during a violent quarrel -- at the hands of his drug-addicted mother (Darl Chryst).  Unsuccessful in trying to convince the boy to take the blame for the murder, mother was dealt her own fate.  

That horrendous night’s gift was a quick temper and an inclination to take no guff from anyone and the now late twenties-something Jason Hart (Matt Robinson) has been in and out of jail several times – nothing too serious but not jay-walking either.  Out on parole, he’s now trying to stay out as he struggles to make a living with a decrepit pickup truck and unreliable lawn equipment and tools -- running a landscaping service.   

His parole officer, Thomas Elway (Lanny Rethaber), is a former police detective who’s recently been early-retired for having suffered a near-fatal gunshot wound.  Fifteen years earlier, he had been the uniformed sergeant who first arrived on the father’s horrific murder scene.  Since that time, he’s had a sympathetic, avuncular affection for the young man. Thomas has kept close ties with his former police department and is currently trying to rekindle a personal relationship with Leslie Newman (Sallie Glaner Braden), an attractive police detective who has recently been assigned to Thomas’ old police unit – homicide.

Strange and gruesome murders begin to lead the evening newscasts.  Each murder is worse than the previous one and they are all connected – in some way or other – to Jason Hart…there was Mr. Price (Steve Furedy), the stoner former customer who wouldn’t pay for Jason’s work, customer Charlene Williams (Liana Hubbard), the over-the-hill MILF who moonlights as a phone sex slut, Dusty Rhodes (Kevin Ratay), Jason’s drug-dealing employee, Carly Symon (Laney Smith), Dusty’s druggie girlfriend and Darlene Dupree (Nathalie Cadieux). the dirty-mouthed executive whose stranded car leaves her vulnerable.  Jason is the focus of Detective Newman’s attention as a prime suspect, while the parole officer risks his relationship with both the police department and the female detective by fervently exclaiming his belief in the young man’s innocence.  But after the body count continues to grow, even Thomas begins to have doubts. 

Battling his own demons and trying to deny his gruesome history, Jason cannot gain solace – even during his many gravesite visits.  Strange happenings in his everyday life go unexplained.  Strange thoughts and memories of better times flood his mind and strain his relationships – with his lover, his customers, his workers, not-so-perfect strangers and even with his biggest supporter, the parole officer, Thomas Elway. 

The murder investigation speeds up when a telephone tip leads the detective to a dangerous rendezvous with a person who will roll over on the killer. Jason’s clingy, sexy girlfriend, Regan (Melissa Cox), suddenly disappears.  Jason returns home to find her  – bound and terrified – at his own apartment.  A deranged evil hovers over her.  A killer?  But…who?  Travis Lake (Jake Strapko), his disgruntled doper former employee?  Thomas?  A stranger?

Our film climaxes by revealing the evil insanity that has devoured the killer.  It demands that the young man make shattering choices of who kills whom.  It requires him to muster all his strength to overcome his legacy and to decide to whom his loyalty is due.